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Access booty-building programs created by fitness model Nastya Nass, designed for anyone who wants to build a bigger, rounder, stronger, and more lifted butt.

A program for those
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the perfect butt!

Hey everybody! My name is Nastya Nass. I’m
a fitness trainer and the author of the program designed to transform your body and improve your lifestyle.

If you want to achieve awesome results, gain muscle and shape that booty fast - this is the perfect program for you!

What you’ll get :

  • The most effective booty-building
    exercises which I personally use.
  • A complete guide of stretching exercises to
    achieve better results from your workouts.
  • Optional cardio workouts for those who
    want to lose some weight.
  • Best exercises for your core, back and
    to build a well-balanced body and
    make better progress.
  • A steady increase of difficulty/intensity of
    workouts throughout the program.
  • Access to a private video library of
    ALL exercises
  • Personal letters + nutritional advice and
    tips every week to keep you motivated.
Start today to become the best
version of yourself tomorrow!

You may start seeing results after the first few weeks!
If you work hard, you will notice even more amazing results. Your booty will become fuller and rounder and you will gain functional strength in your lower body as well.

Nastya Nass
Benefits of the program:
  • The most effective exercises to build the perfect glutes
  • Beginner and advanced levels
  • Increased intensity throughout the program
  • An easy-to-read PDF format
  • Description of each exercise with video demonstrations
  • Awesome results in a short period of time

Why You Should Start
Working Out Your Butt

Besides looking incredible and attracting more attention, feeling more confident in your jeans
or shorts and being bikini-ready all year round there are some more important reasons to have
a strong butt!

  • 1. Strong Butt = Better Posture

    If you sit at a desk for most of the day and aren’t extremely active on weekends, your glutes will ‘forget’ how to work. Tight
    or weak muscles can drastically affect your posture and lead
    to muscular imbalances.

    You need to specifically train your glutes to strengthen them
    and wake them up.

  • 2. Strong Butt = More Fat Burning

    Did you know that the “Gluteus” is the biggest muscle group in your body? And having more muscle means you will burn more calories - even when you’re resting.

    So: if you want to lose some weight, tone up and increase your lean muscle mass, you should be working your glutes.

  • 3. Strong Butt = Better Injury Prevention

    When your glutes aren’t being activated as they should be,
    your body places a lot of pressure on your knees and ankles
    to compensate.

    You can naturally prevent serious injuries to your knees, lower back and hamstrings naturally by giving your booty some extra attention and strength training.

In my opinion, these arguments should
be enough to convince you to start training your glutes and there’s no better time than now!

How it works

Choose your level to get started.
Immediately after payment, you will receive a letter with all instructions.
Every 2 weeks, you will receive
new workouts in an easy-to-read PDF format.
Besides main workouts, you will receive
a full stretching guide in a separate PDF file.
You will get access to a private video library with demonstrations of all exercises.
Each week, you will receive useful advice
and tips for how to stay motivated.

You will get an entire system with detailed descriptions, and the best exercises and suggestions

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About Me

Growing up as a dancer, I kept fit naturally. Staying in shape was never a concern for me. It wasn’t until I had to take a break from training for about two years in High School that I started to gain weight. For the first time in my life, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. It was awful, and I knew it was time to take action!

I knew I needed to lose weight, but I knew nothing about nutrition. My “solution” at the time was to eat next to nothing and up my cardio. I quickly went from 66kg to 45kg. While the weight loss was great, it came at a high price: My health.

I realized I was doing something wrong.
So, I started to read all the books I could find on dietetics, nutrition, anatomy, and more. Seeing as my Mother was a doctor, her home library of medical books was of great value! The more I learned, the more I fell in love with health and nutrition.

I finally started to understand how I wanted to look: Not only slim and trim, but athletic and healthy. Unfortunately, I lived in a small town with no gyms at all. So, I started training at home. My lifestyle began to change, as did my body.

My hobby became my passion. I studied more, worked out more, and thrived more. I decided it was time to share my calling with the world. So, I gained my fitness and nutrition qualifications and did just that.

Demand grew, and my purpose in life was clear: To help women worldwide become the best versions of themselves. I learned from every mistake and cherished every victory. I’m blessed to do what I do today, crafting workout programs to help women build their dream bodies and become confident in their own skin. If I could do it, you can too.

Build your perfect
booty with the right
workout choices!

Gym Based Booty-Building Program

  • You have never worked out before and don’t
    know where to start.
  • You haven’t worked out in a long time and want
    to get back in shape.
  • You have been training for less than 6 months
    but didn’t see any results.
These workouts are designed to teach you the
correct form and get your body use to training.
Note: This program requires gym access.

Gym Based Booty-Building Program

  • You have been weight training for
    at least for 6 months.
  • You want to take your workouts
    to the next level.
  • You have tried working out before but
    never really saw any results.
These Workouts are very challenging, but
if you train hard you’ll see amazing results.
Note: This program requires gym access.


How will I receive the workouts?

Every 2 weeks, I will send you an email that will include your new upcoming program. This comes in PDF format. You will also have access to an online video library where you will be able to see all the exercises that you will be doing throughout the program.

How many times a week will I have to work out?

You will have three main training sessions per week, focused on your glutes, plus one stretching workout which you can do at home and one optional cardio workout which you can do if you want to lose some fat.

Do I need to join a gym to follow this program?

Yes. This is a gym-based booty-building program, which requires gym access.

Will this workout improve other parts of my body too?

Yes. Besides booty and legs exercises, this program contains great exercises for your upper body. These workouts target main body parts like your back, abs, and shoulders. So, it will help you to build a well-balanced body!

Can I do the workouts beyond 8 weeks?

Yes. You’ll see great results after 8 weeks, but if you decide to continue training, which I suggest, your results will just keep getting better and better each month.

If I’m a beginner and have never worked out before, will this be too hard for me?

The program has a beginner plan. If you're new to exercising, I recommend that you follow it. Every two weeks, the intensity will increase as your fitness grows.
These workouts are challenging and there will be times when you need to push yourself a bit harder, but it will help you to achieve amazing results.

I want to lose some fat. Will this program help me?

Yes. If you are currently following a weight-loss diet, your body will also lose a lot of its lean muscle mass. So, this means you will lose your booty muscles as well.
But: if you will follow this program, you will maintain the glute muscles. Having more muscle means you will burn more calories even when you’re resting.

How important is the stretching, and do I have to do it?

Stretching is just as important as main workouts: so, try not to skip it.
It improves muscular function, reduces risk of injury, improves health and helps you to gain muscles faster. My program includes one long-duration flexibility session each week and one short post workout stretching session which focuses on the muscles that need the most help.

Do I need to buy supplements following this program?

You don’t need to purchase any supplements to train with this program, however, it’s up to you.

What payment methods are available?

We accept credit card payments of either Visa or MasterCard through our secure third-party payment gateway, Stripe.

Fill out the form below and
I’ll get back to you soon!

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